A Penthouse or a Private Mansion; which of these two Luxuries would you Prefer as your Home?

Private Penthouse

Recently this topic came up between some friends and I while we discussed ambitions, goals and talked about our plans to take over the world, or in reality, our plans to become very successful and achieve enough so that we could be in a position of living a life where money, or financial matters no longer presented an obstacle or would come in the way from us acquiring, experiencing, tasting or owning anything we wanted in life. So with this in mind, if we could own any kind of home we wanted then we asked ourselves if we would be living in a Penthouse property or would we prefer to instead be living in a normal, ground level home that was of course luxurious in itself; for example it would likely be a mansion type of house.

Private Mansion

For me this choice between Penthouse and Mansion presented a topic that needed to be given a good amount of time, and thinking to weigh up the numerous differences and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of living in each of the two luxury styled homes. I would certainly be very happy in either of them, but given the choice, I would need to think carefully and come to my decision by ensuring I have ticked off the boxes that personally fitted in with my lifestyle and my own habits. This is what counts, over the aesthetics and the materialistic, vanity value. In my opinion the person choosing needs to be thinking about what they like in life – they like gardening, do they enjoy sitting out and hearing the normal daily sounds of birds singing, traffic, neighbors talking, lawns being mowed and on and on. Or does the person in question like to be more private in their daily life? Do they get a buzz from views and amazing sunsets, do they enjoy heights, are they are more modern kind of person, or do they value the lifestyles of past years? For me after considering these types of things and a whole load more questions that I noted down, I finally came to the decision that it would be without a doubt, a Penthouse that I would choose as my home – I have always wanted to live in a stunning Penthouse and it is my mission to be able to afford one before I reach the ripe old/young age of 40. I know I can do this and perhaps I will be reaching this life-goal a few years prior to my mark!

What kind of home would you like to live in and why? We always like to hear from our readers and get inspiration from learning more about what you like, don’t like and what lifestyles you tend to live, or perhaps what type of lifestyle you dream about living and will make those dreams become reality!