A Penthouse or a Private Mansion; which of these two Luxuries would you Prefer as your Home?

Private Penthouse

Recently this topic came up between some friends and I while we discussed ambitions, goals and talked about our plans to take over the world, or in reality, our plans to become very successful and achieve enough so that we could be in a position of living a life where money, or financial matters no longer presented an obstacle or would come in the way from us acquiring, experiencing, tasting or owning anything we wanted in life. So with this in mind, if we could own any kind of home we wanted then we asked ourselves if we would be living in a Penthouse property or would we prefer to instead be living in a normal, ground level home that was of course luxurious in itself; for example it would likely be a mansion type of house.

Private Mansion

For me this choice between Penthouse and Mansion presented a topic that needed to be given a good amount of time, and thinking to weigh up the numerous differences and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of living in each of the two luxury styled homes. I would certainly be very happy in either of them, but given the choice, I would need to think carefully and come to my decision by ensuring I have ticked off the boxes that personally fitted in with my lifestyle and my own habits. This is what counts, over the aesthetics and the materialistic, vanity value. In my opinion the person choosing needs to be thinking about what they like in life – they like gardening, do they enjoy sitting out and hearing the normal daily sounds of birds singing, traffic, neighbors talking, lawns being mowed and on and on. Or does the person in question like to be more private in their daily life? Do they get a buzz from views and amazing sunsets, do they enjoy heights, are they are more modern kind of person, or do they value the lifestyles of past years? For me after considering these types of things and a whole load more questions that I noted down, I finally came to the decision that it would be without a doubt, a Penthouse that I would choose as my home – I have always wanted to live in a stunning Penthouse and it is my mission to be able to afford one before I reach the ripe old/young age of 40. I know I can do this and perhaps I will be reaching this life-goal a few years prior to my mark!

What kind of home would you like to live in and why? We always like to hear from our readers and get inspiration from learning more about what you like, don’t like and what lifestyles you tend to live, or perhaps what type of lifestyle you dream about living and will make those dreams become reality!


Choosing The Bathroom Wash Basin To Complete Your Perfect Bathroom Vanity Unit

cleaning basin

If things were not already complicated enough with regards to planning and choosing each unit and fitting to include in your new bathroom, just to add another spanner into the works, there is a vast array of bathroom wash basins within the UK market to choose between. Don’t think that choosing the bathroom vanity unit and deciding upon which type of stone or wood it will be topped with is enough; you also have the benefit or detriment (depending on how you view this) of choosing the specific basin or basins to fit onto the top of the unit, as well as the style of tap or taps & plug/s you will be using.

cleaning basin

There are so many different types of bathroom vanity basins to choose between, so you may get a little stuck in making your final decision. First of all you need to decide what you want your bathroom basin or basins (if you have purchased a double vanity unit) to be made of – will you choose ceramic or a type of stone, like marble, travertine, quartz or onyx? Or perhaps you have a taste for the glass style bathroom basins? You also should be considering the colour you want your basin – if ceramic then you can choose between white and black, the same goes for quartz, if you prefer marble then there are shades of grey, cream and white, with Onyx you also get a nice honey/golden option and the list goes on. Finally you will need to choose the size and shape of the basins you want to fit onto your unit/s – of course this is also going to be dictated somewhat by the size of the vanity units, but still there are so many different styles to choose from; round, oval, square, rectangle and more.

After finding the ideal vanity basins to suit your vanity unit and bathroom, you next need to consider the tap and plug set/s you will be fitting to the vanity unit and basins – again you have a vast amount of styles and sizes to choose between; will you have a hot and cold tap or a mixer tap, where will the tap/s be fitted, what will they be made from? There are many more questions you will need to answer, but persevere and you will get there in the end.

Somewhere To Store & Display The Proud CD/DVD Collection

Somewhere To Store & Display The Proud CD/DVD Collection

CD’s and DVD’s might be becoming a format of the past, but I am sure that like me there is a lot of you out there that has taken pride in collecting a selection of your favourite movies and music albums and compilations. I have search the far corners of the globe, or rather the internet to source and purchase all the classics and fresh new flics and hits that bring back fond memories for me, and will continue to bring joy to my life for years to come. So in the same light, I am confident that those of you that have taken much time and put in years of effort to put together your perfect, personal collection of entertainment, also want to ensure that you have a suitably proud place in your home to store and/or display the entire collection. You need somewhere or something that will protect all CD’s and DvD yet at the same time allow for suitably easy access. Also the chosen location for the collection needs to have some style and class to it so as to match the style and character within the collection itself. There needs to be a good sized area of storage space, but the type of space that will provide visibility to the items stored within it – like a bookshelf type of storage, so you can find the CD or DVD you are looking for at any certain time, efficiently and without having to disturb whole sections of other items in your collection.

Somewhere To Store & Display The Proud CD/DVD Collection

There are of course lots of options for CD & DVD storage units within the furniture stores you will find in your local shopping centres as well as the numerous online furniture stores, so you should be able to find what you are looking for. Just remember to not go for the cheapest options even if they may look ok on the surface, check out the craftsmanship and make sure that what you are investing in will last, and after all – you want to respect the collection that you are storing within the unit – so you should settle for anything less than quality. I would suggest some kind of unit that comes with open door glass cabinets as it adds another layer of class and protection to the unit and the collection. You can also find CD & DVD storage units that have their own lighting system within them, making the searching for specific items that little bit more efficient and also giving the unit a bit more character. The unit should in my opinion be made of some solid hard wood, like Oak and the wood should be treated with a lacquer before use, just to give it that little bit more life and staying power.