Have you Got A Trunk Within Your Home Furniture Collection?

trunk furniture

If you have not got a trunk as part of your home furniture collection then I can only ask, why not? Surely everybody should have at least one shouldn’t they? Surely! The reason I am so adamant about this and that there should be a trunk of some-sort in all households is because of the fact that they are such an efficient furniture unit; they can offer so much storage space, they can fit in well with so many styles and designs and they can also double up as a type of table, or side-table. They also remind me of fond childhood memories as they are where all my toys would be stored as I am pretty certain is the case with many other people of my generation – everyone used to have a toy trunk didn’t they? Or perhaps I was just especially fortunate that my parents where kind enough to let me have one, let alone buy me enough toys to fit inside it and make good use of the space provided.
When I have been furniture shopping myself recently, I have come across many different styles and designs of storage trunks (they no-longer are called toy trunks), and some are stunning. You may think I am going over the top by describing a trunk as being stunning, as it is at the end of the day just a square or rectangular item of furniture – so really, how stunning can it get? I have to stand by my description though as some of the furniture designers have really gone above and beyond and crafted storage trunks that are quite astonishing. You will have to do your own research and you will see what I am raving on about. The trunks in today’s market all cost a lot more than the ones of my childhood, but they are certainly worth it, as they look great, provide ample storage space and make do as a great counter top to be used as a coffee-table, side-table, foot-rest and whatever else your imagination can think of – they are simply great!