How to Start Living in a Loft and Best Decorate it

Loft Decorations

Loft apartments are more and more usual with every passing day. They are part of our urban, normal life and it’s frequent to find people who live in a wonderful loft with all they need, if that person is not you. In this article we will give you tips on how to tart living and how to decorate your own loft.

The first step is dividing the space to arrange the organization of your loft. You have to decide what space is going to be for sleeping, what space for living area and what space for dining. When working on it, take into account that the best position for the living area is an illuminated place with views so spot the windows and choose your living area.

Loft Decor

Now that we have decided the layout we have to divide and defined each area. The best way to do it is with furniture to make borders of each “room”. Also, you can set your bed in a higher place to separate it from the rest of the loft.

And we have come to the decoration part, the one we like. First, we have to choose a style for our loft. Most of them tend to have a contemporary look, with smooth lines and sleek surfaces. Add a touch of modern look by combining natural materials like wood or stone with artificial fabrics like glass or steel. The kitchen of a loft asks for trendy elements such as granite counter tops or black appliances.

It’s time to choose the color palette that is going to decorate your loft. A usual way to decorate a loft is with neutral colors combining beige, taupe and white. A loft will keep the same colors palette over all the room.

When furnishing the loft, the predominately material is wood but adding metal chairs for the dining areas. A great idea for the furniture is to put it on wheels, in that way, you will be able to move them wherever you want. Take into account that is this room with reduced space, you have to make the most of it, so choose pieces of furniture that will help as storage.

The last touch goes to the floor, where hardwood and cement goes great with a beautiful carpet in the same color tone as the rest of the loft. Now you just have to add a trendy and nice sofa that goes with the style of your home and you are ready to start living in a loft.