Make Time & Pay Attention When Renovating Your Home Bathroom – Be Sure To Invest In Only The Best Units At The Right Prices.


Whether you are currently renovating a bathroom at home, soon to be facing the home bathroom renovation challenge or not expecting to renovate the bathroom any time soon, you will at some point inevitably be faced with this daunting and expensive task of re-fitting or renovating your bathroom or one of your bathrooms (depends how successful you become & how large your property is) within your proud home. So with this in mind, it is important that you take heed of my words of wisdom having had many experiences, both good and bad ones, involving bathroom renovations. If you are not already aware, renovating the bathroom can frequently be the most or one of the most expensive renovation jobs required throughout an entire home, so you need to come prepared with deep pockets, a big wallet or flexible plastic that will bend without breaking your bank. It is important to mention at this point, and to emphasize that this is an important point to take note of as well – that you certainly should not consider looking around for some basement bargain, discounted low quality bathroom furniture, vanity units or wash basins as you need to remember that each of the fittings within your wash-room will be experiencing consistent, heavy usage – especially if there are more than one or two of you that will be planning to share the respective bathroom in question. If you make the mistake of thinking that it is a good idea to try and save yourself a chunk of money when comparing different units of different build quality, made from different woods and other materials, then you must think again and check yourself before you wreck yourself and wreak havoc in your bathroom, only to end up having to suffer in facing another bathroom renovation after roughly a year, give or take 6 or so months.

Bathroom Unit

Due to bathroom units & furniture coming with relatively high prices and costing an arm and a leg, sometimes more, it is easy to fall into the trap mentioned above and buying cheap. So many homeowners go through this painful experience, especially because you will find that you can actually very easily save yourself in excess of a hundred pounds just on a simple bathroom vanity & basin unit. If you then consider the additional money you can save on the toilet, bath and shower units, laundry basket, towel rail, wall hung mirror & or bathroom wall hung cabinet – with or without a mirror attached to its front (depending if you have already chosen to have a separate wall fitting mirror or not), it starts to become excessively tempting to ignore all the advice that will have been given to you from friends, family and even neighbors and go ahead to eventually learn from your own mistakes.

There is a reason why good quality bathroom furniture, bathroom vanities and the variety of elegant ceramic & stone bathroom basins that you can find in the UK market come priced highly at the points they are set at, and this is simply because they are worth it. The high-end bathroom suppliers and retail shops in the UK will only sell top-quality, hand crafted bathroom fittings and furnishings, made from durable woods like Oak and Teak combined with expensive, sometimes relatively rare hard-wearing stones like Marble, Travertine, Quartz, Granite and Onyx to their valued & loyal customers. The reason for this attention to stock and sell only the best, is because they have some passion and dedication to their trade and they feel like they have a duty to ensure their customers are getting their money’s worth when buying furniture units that come at a relatively high cost. A good example of one of these UK bathroom retailers can be seen when visiting the family owned and operated website and online shop. They are certainly a well-established bathroom furniture supplier in the UK, having been around for over 10 years. The family team have grown over the years and have expanded from being a company that specializes in high quality, well-made bathroom furniture to now also offering quality, made to last furniture for the entire home – you should be able to find something for each and every room of your home displayed within their online shop. Much of what you see when browsing the Bathrooms and More Store website is actually hand-made, expertly crafted furniture and many of the units are made up from pieces of reclaimed wood that is aged for 50 + years in certain home furniture ranges. All of the units you see within the website have been hand-picked by the owners and they make sure to carefully inspect each and every unit to see that they all meet the high standards that they have kept throughout their time in business and that their customers have learned to expect from them. The furniture you buy from the Bathrooms and More Store website is furniture that should last a life-time if it is cared for the right way and due to many of the units being hand-made items, you are buying truly unique, one of a kind furniture when buying from these experts – so in my opinion, the pricing is totally fair and the furniture is well worth the investment.